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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Human Instinct Parallels to the Art of Political Science

   On a small scale these are views that were taught to myself and in no way is it gospel. With statement that out of the way I would like to touch on the subject of "Political correctness" as a standard in creating a business model.

I am not here to sound all brainy or whatever but the intelligent side and the evil twin of sophisticated "ratcheness" constantly clash to to formulate these eclectic views on simple subjects.  Many of these things I have learned through experience and generally learning people. What I am realizing is the amount of people that you do encounter are potential assets to the cause in which you pursue meaning a positive influence to my less versed readers. lol
   I just want to stress that in no way is this a shot at anyone who may think it may subliminally resemble, rather they're lessons learned throughout my lifetime and through the mature state that I sit back and reflect on myself and how others act in certain situations.

I am an African-American male from one of the southern states of America and with that comes a stigma in the various ways that children are taught values.  Things that come to mind include:
Respect your elders, Children are seen but not heard (Speaking back to authority), Unfortunately there's  always an underlying  tone of racism in every interaction (So as a minority it is understood that there's a glass ceiling. Therefore, you must know your position, Work hard, Gratitude/ Thankfulness. ect. These are all good traits as a person but in business when there's a show me or don't waste my time mentality the nice good ol' country boy mentality gets taken advantage of simply by being weak.

Big business is usually not one of our strong points in country thinking; being that most of the people are more down to earth in terms of personal relationships.  Business is also important to create relationships but in the mind set that something is to be gained from both parties. Time is a valuable commodity that is the reason that we even invest in convenience of the things that make us better.  How I pay my coaches and trainers and church preacher, family member in need of help; Ironically emulates how in business people "donate" or "lobby" to invest interest into the causes or people that they want favor or influence over.

The difference between boosters at big colleges (such as my alma mater University of Maryland College Park) or locally Old Dominion University with people that understand what it actually takes volunteer wise/financially to run a major top flight program and the opposite side of the spectrum the  ones at places such as a hometown  school such as a Norfolk State University. The bigger picture is rewarding the people for the efforts as well as presentation. These programs are the same in all level in basketball and football from a standpoint of talent but ODU has the swagger about them that they will not play below a certain standard and the players reflect that persona. Trust me I am not picking on the HBCU's but I feel that is a part of being schooled in business and political acumen  that often gets over looked by the ignorant. Our kids will rather pay for $200 sneakers to play in than have the  knowledge and training of what they actually need to play. You gotta invest into that parents and stay focused.

This is something that I have noticed since I have started doing my own business of sports training. While my career is in flux professionally due to the poor global market and constant revolving door which is called professional basketball profession. I look at my job, as yes I am staying the gym often for myself, but the actual problem is that the urban society doesn't understand is the business behind the whole thing.
When you pay someone or "donate" to their causes it simply says thank you for helping me get to my ultimate goals but it's the "I'm already good so I get everything free mentality" that all the players, not even the elite anymore, have that makes this generation the "privileged generation." Once again don't get me wrong I love to volunteer myself to the gift of teaching the youth to grow but if I say I will provide a product and do not have the facilities suitable for safety and quality of time or do not run our program unprofessionally then that would reflect how I should be compensated.

Once again that is valuable lesson that I have learned differently from how I was raised to what I know now through experience.  When I connect with something good I give them my up most respect but that was much different when I left a 30k a year education at a huge University to take a step back for quick hundred thousand dollar contract in Europe.  The same goes to investing the developmental league of making minimum wage but the exposure is so much more of value in return.  I had to learn right then and there what this business is all about, yes talent is important but presentation is even more just as it is in all Politics.

Sidebar Quick question; When was the last time you saw a public figure not keep their appearance up to par? Never
This stuff costs and the funding is necessary and that's why it dawned upon me why our urban mindsets are so screwed up in thinking we can cut corners and still get to our destination.
If we are on a AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) team that does not play in any exposure tournaments how can you get seen? If you don't fund raise or invest into the cause how will that even become possible?
In our culture we all will take advantage of our own people to shortchange our coaches, universities, ect. and then complain that we aren't winning (via Grambling University football recently and countless high school programs) or if a good coach leaves our programs to go to greener pastures. If we value them they would even take a pay cut but if we take a valuable commodity and de-value their presence of course it will come to a point that they will move on and now everyone is jealous or upset. It's almost comical actually but it is the mindset of our culture.

Not to speak about myself but this is just a blog post, In my area it's been documented in the media numerous times that I give money to the causes, be it to my church I love the way that it needs to continue growth or my high school when they are fundraising for equipment, uniforms or what they  NEED to SUCCEED and other silent causes especially business wise and in return. The people respect me and sometimes do extra favors for myself upon request simply because they view me as a stand up person and know I will be there if they ask of me. Salute Salem High School, Maury High School, Booker T High School staff, a few colleges I can go on and on. Salute to the ones that show love simply because they understand that we can always appreciate that shot to get better and that contact can effect so much more things with the ripple effect to create change or a pipe line even for everyone to benefit. Most don't see that bigger picture though in business it's referred to as Networking.

This is a lesson that I am continually revisiting in growing up in the Hip-Hop culture (of always wanting to be the star of the show) and how that mindset goes the total opposite way of what reality and business really is all about. Talent does get you to a certain point but the next level of thinking of how to stay employed is how you can transcend that into something that people respect to the point in which they will actually pay you for your services (be it as an athlete, coach or any other staff in any organization) This is the business of sports.

Special Thank yous go out to Carlton Clemons, Tim Carr, Nadine Domond, Kevin Bridgeforth, Tom Anderson (just to name a few) all the guys that I connect with in this business that are doing their thing to stay ready in this business keep on pushing in this thing! Also all my contacts locally with the facilities and mentors and positive people that effect change as well as my contacts in Europe, Oceanic, Asia, Israel agents/teams that have given feedback on what I need to continue to work on to understand how to improve the product of what to put on the floor because trust me I am working on exactly what you want to see. There are honestly too many others to name that support our camp John Gilchrist Hoops. I am thankful to have a platform to teach youth but we need to support one another  because when we value each other then we will all rise together.

Peace and love and good luck to whatever you do.
John Gilchrist it's a movement.